Film 94 – tape 1882

More reviews from the BBC’s erstwhile flagship film programme. Barry reviews:

Tom Brook talks to Warren Beatty and Annette Bening about Love Affair.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 20 December 1994 23.05

Next, the first episode of Film 95, where Barry reviews:

There’s a location report from Tom Brook on Trapped in Paradise.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 9 January 1995 23.25

Before the next episode, there’s the end of a Panorama report on Hepatitis C. Then trailer for The Plant and Ghosts, a series by Stephen Volk, writer of Ghostwatch.

Then, there’s a Film 95 Special with an interview with Tom Cruise to promote Interview with the Vampire. He’s looking quite a lot like his character in Magnolia here.

Tom Cruise on Film 95

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 16 January 1995 22.10

Before the next episode, there’s the end of a gritty looking drama – it’s Needle by Jimmy McGovern.

There’s a trailer for Blood and Water, an episode of Ghosts. And a trailer for Ridley Scott’s Black Rain.

Then, Barry’s here to review:

There’s a location report on Polanski’s Death and the Maiden. And Tom Brook looks at the recent Golden Globes.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 23 January 1995 23.35

The next episode chronologically is missing – it was a special edition featuring an interview with Alan Parker, so it’s back to business as usual in this edition with reviews of:

There’s a location report on Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle. And an interview with Jessica Tandy, on her last movie, Camilla.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 6 February 1995 23.55

In the next episode, Barry looks at

There’s an interview with a very hirsute Ralph Feinnes, talking about Quiz Show.

Ralph Feinnes on Film 95


Barry also gives his Oscar Predictions.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 13 February 1995 23.40

Next, we have reviews of

Tom Brook talks to the cast and crew of Disclosure.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 20 February 1995 23.05

The recording stops just after this programme.


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