Pulaski – The Last Resort – tape 414

This tape opens with a little John Kettley, presenting the weather, then a trailer for The Courage to Fail.

Then, an episode of Pulaski, Roy Clarke’s Meta-detective show about an actor playing a detective who also ends up solving crimes. This episode is The Lone Granger, written by Clarke himself, and opens at the Cannes Film Festival, with a banner announcing Pulaski: The Movie.

And Now The Movie Pulaski

You might recall, if you followed film news in the 70s and 80s, that this was a particular favourite publicity stunt of Alexander Salkind, the producer responsible for Superman: The Movie and The Three Musketeers.

An old friend of Larry’s has duped some gangsters into giving him money for a non existent film project, so Larry and Kate have to find a way to make the gangsters back out of the project.

Larry Summers

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 30 October 1987 21.30

More weather before the next programme, and a trailer for Saturday programmes.

Then another episode of Pulaski. Tough Guys Don’t Blink is written by Geoffrey Case, not creator Roy Clarke. Larry is unhappy with the quality of his scripts. But when he decides to base his script on a real-life incident involving a shadowy diplomat, things get complicated.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 6 November 1987 21.30

Recording continues, with the start of a documentary, Yesterday

Then, recording switches to Channel 4. There’s an episode of The Last Resort.

Guests on this show are Roger Cook

Roger Cook

There’s a variety act, John Taylor

John Taylor

Emily Lloyd is there to talk about Wish You Were Here.

Emily Lloyd The Last Resort

Next is ‘The Dolphin Man’ Mr Horace Dobbs.

Horace Dobbs

Music comes from Alexander O’Neal

Alexander O'Neill

There’s a recorded piece on how John benson and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood swapped lives.

They Swapped Lives

Ronnie Wood as John Benson

Final guest is the eccentric Crispin Glover.

Crispin Glover

After this programme, recording stops, and underneath there’s part of a movie, The Cat and the Canary.

the recording stops after about 30 minutes of this film.


  • Exchange & Mart – Thunderbirds are Go
  • Travelcard
  • trail: Hill Street Blues
  • Our Price – From Motown With Love
  • Flake
  • Heinz Soup
  • Red Mountain
  • Nightmare On Elm Street 3 in cinemas
  • Holsten Pils – Griff Rhys Jones
  • Fleetwood Mac

One comment

  1. The only thing that really stayed with me about me was the bit where the English producer told the American producer the only real difference between TV in their countries – “Our tedious crap costs less than your tedious crap.” (And oh, the irony of a show about a hit UK/US coproduction getting axed after one series by the BBC and never being shown in America to my knowledge.)

    P.S.: It’s O’Neal, not O’Neill.

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