Day: May 30, 2015

French and Saunders – Friday Night Live – tape 501

Back in time (in tape terms) for this one, as we have a tape from 1988.

There’s the end of Gardener’s World, and a trailer for Lucky Sunil at the start of the tape.

Then, an episode of the second series of French and Saunders. Featuring, among other sketches, Dawny Seymour’s guide to a romantic life.

Dawny Seymour

The extras meet June Whitfield

The Extras meet June Whitfield

Music from Lulu, performing The Man Who Sold the World.

Lulu on French & Saunders

And Elizabeth Taylor in Hooray for Hollywood.

Dawn French as Elizabeth Taylor


BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 15 April 1988 21.00

Following this episode, recording continues, and there’s a trailer for Sophia and Constance that looks like a French and Saunders spoof.

Then, there’s the start of an episode of Review, a BBC2 arts programme featuring an interview with Barry White, a look at Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads, and Ian McEwan reviews The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Shortly into this, recording switches to Channel 4, and we have an episode of Friday Night Live. This episode, hosted as was usual by Ben Elton, features music from the Pogues.

The Pogues

Stavros is in jail

Stavros in Jail

More music from the Christians

The Christians


Jack Docherty and Moray Hunter do Donald and George.

Donald and George on Friday Night Live

“Sometimes we get such a good reaction to an act we have to welcome them back” The neophyte Jo Brand.

Jo Brand on Friday Night Live

John Mendoza, doing some horrible fat-shaming material.

John Mendoza

Buggerallmoney makes his first appearance on the show.

Buggerallmoney FNL


There’s also a film featuring Loadsamoney in the country.

Loadsamoney in the Country

The first appearance of Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas on FNL


After this, recording continues, with about 20 minutes of The Day of the Triffids – the 1963 Howard Keel/Janette Scott version. Then the recording stops.


  • trail: Who Dares Wins
  • Old El Paso Tacos
  • Holsten Export
  • Eagle Star
  • Melita – Keith Floyd
  • Our Price – Belinda Carlisle – Heaven on Earth
  • Dulux weatherproof
  • Nat West – Jesse Birdsall
  • Comet
  • Dulux
  • Legal & General
  • TV Times
  • Hula Hoops – Cab Calloway
  • Tissot
  • Our Price – Belinda Carlisle
  • Toffee Crisp
  • Holsten Export
  • Flowers in the Attic in cinemas
  • Ford Montego
  • Castlemaine XXXX
  • Nationwide Anglia
  • Talking Heads – Naked
  • Esso
  • Eagle Star
  • Ford Mondeo
  • trail: Brond
  • Ovaltine Hot Chocolate
  • TV Licence
  • Levington compost