Four Hours of Vic and Bob – tape 1830

It’s Christmas on BBC2.

Christmas on BBC2

After a brief trailer for Lovejoy, we have At Home with Vic & Bob, a night of programmes chosen by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.

At Home with Vic & Bob

Here’s the opening, and introduction to the first programme.

The highlight of the evening comes right at the beginning, Rutland Weekend Television, Eric Idle’s post-Python comedy show, and one which is almost never repeated. Although the Radio Times listing and the introduction here implies it’s a Best Of show, it actually appears to be the 1975 Christmas Show (original broadcast listing: BBC Two England, 26 December 1975 22.55)

Eric Idle

Music is supplied by Neil Innes.

Neil Innes

And special musical guest George Harrison (as “Pirate Bob”)

George Harrison Sings


There’s another Vic & Bob introduction.

Followed by a special Christmas episode of Dad’s Army from 1972. This was originally broadcast as part of Christmas Night with the Stars (BBC One London, 25 December 1972 18.55). The Walmington-On-Sea Home Guard have been selected to take part in the King’s Christmas broadcast.

Back to Vic & Bob.

The next programme is Meerkats Utd, the episode of Wildlife on One which, for good or ill, introduced meerkats to the general population. BBC One London, 26 January 1987 20.00

During the next link, Vic & Bob are joined by the incomparable John Shuttleworth

Followed by a compilation of comedy moments, plus some action from the World Disco Dance Championships.

Then, Vic & Bob present Christmas with Slade, featuring Mark Willaims, Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson and Neil Morrissey.

This is followed by a special episode of Shooting Stars, featuring Ulrika Jonsson, Jonathan Ross, Wendy Richard, Noddy Holder, Martin Clunes and Danny Baker.

Then, another interlude, featuring some farting frenchmen.

Then, Mike Leigh’s classic Play for Today, Nuts in May. Roger Sloman and Alison Steadman go camping in Dorset, and even visit Corfe Castle, where my family and I went on holiday just a couple of weeks ago. BBC One London, 13 January 1976 21.25

Corfe Castle

And after this, Vic & Bob close down.

BBC Genome (for the whole evening): BBC Two England, 27 December 1993 19.00

Following this, a trailer for Born on the Fourth of July. Then the tape comes to an end during an episode of The Seven Deadly Sins, a programme looking at “the positive aspects of sin”. Featuring Simon Schama (as played by James Dreyfuss, apparently).

Simon Schama



  1. A great night, that. That was the first episode of Shooting Stars, of course, and more or less came about by accident because the producers wanted to find another format to feature old clips and Vic and Bob suggested a quiz. Then it was repeated on its own in April – – and got four million viewers, Vic and Bob’s highest ever audience, and they decided to turn it into a whole series (which apparently led to some discussion at the Beeb as it hadn’t been made by the comedy department but by the arts department).

    1. That’s interesting. I’ve never really followed Shooting Stars, so I had assumed that this was just a special edition of the regular quiz, not the ‘pilot’. That explains why Ulrika wasn’t a team captain, which had confused me slightly. And of course, there’s no Matt Lucas in this episode either.

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