Moonlighting – tape 1836

Back to the Family Channel for more with Maddie and David and the Blue Moon Detective Agency.

First, there’s a bumber trailer for all the great programmes on the channel.

Then, an episode of MoonlightingPortrait of Maddie. An artist obsessed with painting Maddie shoots himself, and Maddie is tortured by the idea. It’s all very Hitchcock. The plot revolves around a stolen painting, and there’s some fun mystery and revelation.

Portrait of Maddie

Next Episode is Atlas Belched, followed by The Bride of Tupperman which starts with David watching Bride of Frankenstein on TV. This episode was direted by Christian I Nyby II, a stalwart of US episodic television, and the son of the director of The Thing from Another World.

The Last episode here is North by North Dipesto. Agnes is feeling depressed about her boring life, so David and Maddie give her some case work. And a makeover, because clearly that’s what every woman needs.

Dipesto Makeover

I think I preferred her old look.

After this, recording continues and there’s the start of an episode of Lou Grant which looks like the second part of the two-parter, dealing with a 9 year old girl ‘appearing in porno movies’ although judging by the recap they probably don’t involve the girl being assaulted, as the mother seems OK with it – “She doesn’t know what sex is.” It’s a shame there’s only 15 minutes of this, because I’d like to see how it plays out.


  • Qwicksilver
  • The Essential Classics
  • Cornhill Direct
  • Qwicksilver
  • The Essential Classics
  • The Trials of Life
  • Craftmatic Adjustable Bed
  • The Essential Classics (yes, again)
  • Qwicksilver
  • The Essential Classics
  • Trials of Life
  • The Essential Classics
  • trail: Sirens
  • Cornhill Direct
  • Qwicksilver
  • Craftmatic Adjustable Bed
  • trail: Second Guess

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