Day: May 17, 2015

Doomwatch – tape 1844

Let’s go back to the 70s to see what the future’s going to be like, with another episode of Doomwatch.

Before the first episode, there’s the end of an episode of The Onedin Line. Onedin’s wife wants to start a home for waifs and strays and the children of fallen women.

Then, Doomwatch, which starts with a man taking off his trousers in a boat. Future Shock indeed.

Whoops There Go My Trousers

This episode is In The Dark, written by John Gould. Our intrepid swimmer didn’t see all the scum floating on the water, and ends up dead in the water.

He appeared to have swam in the constituents of Mustard Gas, and the team suspect a ship which was supposedly scuttled far away from land containing tanks of the gas, might not have been safely destroyed.

An added bonus in this episode is a guest appearance by the great Patrick Troughton.

Patrick Troughton

He plays a double role – he’s the old captain of the ship, but being kept alive as basically a head attached to a machine.

unwell Patrick Troughton


The episode basically involves Quist persuading the artificially alive Troughton that he should choose to die.

Next episode is The Human Time Bomb, written by Louis Marks. Fay Chantry, a Doomwatch researcher, is living in a new highrise development, and is seeing signs of stress, isolation, alienation. I wonder if this was inspired by JG Ballard’s High Rise?

Next is The Inquest by famed Doctor Who writer Robert Holmes. Another Doomwatch scientist, Geoff Hardcastle, is shot whie investigating a child who died of rabies. A local lab had imported dogs for experimentation, and one or more of them were rabid.

The last episode on this tape is Public Enemy by Patrick Alexander. Children are suffering from bronchial ailments, and a local alderman thinks it’s caused by the local factory. Tervor Bannister, off of Are You Being Served, guest stars as the factory’s chief scientist.

Trevor Bannister

It’s a diatribe against unfettered business expansion without controls on pollution, and in his final monologue, Dr Quist tells everyone, including the viewer at home, that we all have to bear the cost.

Stern Dr Quist

Following this episode, recording stops, and underneath there’s some Sky One from a previous recording.

Then, there’s the start of an episode of Barney Miller during which the tape finishes.


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  • Tampax
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  • Tetley Tea
  • TLC
  • British Lamb
  • McCain Oven Chips
  • Kingsmill
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  • Surf
  • Prospero Direct
  • Mail on Sunday
  • The Client in cinemas
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