Day: May 9, 2015

The X Files – tape 1866

Straight into The X Files, on BBC2. A father is found dead on his garden swing with two puncture wounds on his neck. Naturally, Mulder talks about cattle mutilations. This episode is called Eve.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 1 December 1994 21.00

Next episode is Beyond The Sea. Dana has her parents over for dinner, then wakes up from snoozing on the sofa to see her father in the seat opposite, mouthing words silently. She’s interrupted by a phone call, and when she looks back around, her father is gone. And her mother, on the phone, tells her her father has died of a heart attack. Her father was played by Don Davis.

Don Davis

Brad Dourif also stars as a serial killer put away by Mulder.

Brad Dourif X Files

Poor Brad Dourif. Has he ever been cast as the avuncular best friend, or the studious professor? He’s always the serial killer, isn”t he?

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 8 December 1994 21.00

The next episode is Fire, showing out of order from the US broadcasts, and shown later than usual, as part of BBC2’s Weird Night – presumably the fire effects in the show were too disturbing for 9pm.

And guess what? This one starts in England. More specifically, Bosham, which I first assumed was a made up place, but there is a town called Bosham and it does look like it’s about 70 miles southwest of London.


The master of the house is leaving for work, when his gardner gives him the evil eye, and he bursts into flames.

Flaming Man

After the teaser there’s a good opener. Mulder and Sculley are getting into the car. Mulder is confused that the door is unlocked, ans he’s sure he locked it. Then they see a cassette tape on the dashboard. When they play it, an English voice tells them a story about a member of parliament who played a similar tape, which armed an explosive device in his car. Then, Mulder’s car door opens suddenly, and there’s guest star Amanda Pays.

Amanda Pays

She’s in the US looking after a politician she believes is going to be murdered in a similar way to the man in the teaser. Several MPs have already been killed by fire, and this one has been brought to Cape Cod to protect him. Trouble is, before he even arrives, the evil gardener from the opening, played by Mark Sheppard, is busy painting rocket fuel on the house he’s staying in, and also lighting cigarettes with the power of his mind.

Mark Sheppard

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 17 December 1994 23.00

The next episode starts off in a club. So I’m bored already. The episode is Gender Bender.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 22 December 1994 21.00

The last episode on this tape is Lazarus. Sculley and another FBI agent are in a bank when it’s held up by a couple of desperate types. One robber shoots her friend before Sculley shoots the robber. In the ER, the robber is dead, but they’re working on the agent, who eventually revives, but it’s obvious that he’s probably now possessed by the spirit of the dead robber.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 5 January 1995 21.00

After this episode, there’s a trailer for Signs and Wonders. Then, there’s an episode of the programme Situation Vacant. This episode is The Royal Marines Officer. The recording stops about 4 minutes into this programme