Whose Line is it Anyway – The Last Resort – tape 596

This tape opens with a “very special episode” of WHose Line is it Anyway (at least, according to the introduction by Clive Anderson.) It’s actually the pilot episode, and features John Glover, Jimmy Mulville, Josie Lawrence & John Sessions.

Next, there’s an episode of The Last Resort. First item is Tina Bishop and Dr Martin Scrote (Kathy Burke and Rowland Rivron) promoting her book of exercises for pregnant women.

Tina Bishop and Martin Scrote

Next guest is Amanda Donohoe, promoting Lair of the White Worm.

Amanda Donohoe

Christos Kondeatis makes complex celebrity masks out of paper.

Christos Kondeatis

There’s a musical performance from Jane Wiedlin.

Jane Wiedlin

Next guest is Terry Gilliam, talking about The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

Terry Gilliam


After this episode, we’re back to a regular episode of Whose Line is it Anyway. This one features Richard Kaplan, Griff Rhys Jones, Paul Merton and John Sessions.

Whose Lineup is it Anyway

Next, another episode of The Last Resort. Guests tonight include a man trying to sell his parrot, giving away a house for free, French zany person Claude Sabat

Claude Sabat

There’s an item on how John Benson came to be the voice of the show, featuring a cameo by Nicholas Parsons himself

Nicholas Parsons

Next guest is Richard Jobson

Richard Jobson

Musical guest is Tiffany.


Next guest is the lovely Mel Smith.

Mel Smith

Mel is there to talk about his first feature film, Camden Town Boy which,of course, ended up retitled The Tall Guy.

Next on the tape is another Whose Line is it Anyway featuring Mike McShane, Josie Lawrence, Tony Slattery and John Sessions.

Whose line lineup 2

The recording ends when this programme ends. I was ruthless in those days. And also, at home on Friday Nights.


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