Murder One – tape 2345

More from the case f Jessica Costello, with Steven Bochco’s Murder One. This tape starts with Chapter Nine, so apologies to those following the story, as we’re out of order. That’s just the luck of the draw.

There’s a guest appearance from The West Wing’s Richard Schiff as a college professor caught in a compromising position.

Richard Schiff


This is mid-season, so the case is coming to trial and Teddy is looking for reasonable doubt. Justine (Mary McCormack) gets job offers from Richard Cross (Stanley Tucci) and from Court TV, and decides to work with Richard, without letting Teddy know.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 30 April 1996 21.00

Next is Chapter Ten. This episode concerns itself mostly with jury selection. The team dig deep into the backgrounds of the potential jurors, looking for anything that might sway the jurors to their side of the argument. It’s a deeply political process.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 7 May 1996 21.00

Before the next programme, theres a trailer for the Albert Finney drama A Man of No Importance.

Then, Chapter Eleven. Jury selection continues, and we’re introduced to Miguel Sandoval as Roberto Portalegre, a Brazilian friend of Richard Cross who wants Teddy to get his son Eduardo off a date-rape case. The son is clearly a lecherous predator as he even tries to kiss the lawyer representing him. Consent is clearly a grey area for him. And although his case is resolved here, he’ll turn up again.

This is even a Christmas episode, and ends with a heartwarming scene around the Christmas Tree.

Happy Christmas from Murder One

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 14 May 1996 21.00

Before the next episode, the end of Newsnight, indicating this is the later repeat. Then a trailer for Ian McEwan’s The Cement Garden.

Then Chapter Twelve. Teddy’s daughter is abducted – an event that drives a wedge between him and his wife. It’s a good episode for Dylan Baker, who always seems to be given the role of the dogged police detective who’s convinced that the star defendant is guilty.

Dylan Baker

It’s often a thankless role, but he gets a chance to show his sensitive side here.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 22 May 1996 23.15

before the next episode, Keith Floyd is in Africa, cooking banana pudding.

There’s a trailer for Secrets of Lost Empires, where academic archaeologists argue about how the ancient monuments of the world were constructed. They get very cross with each other.

Then there’s a trailer for Alan Rudolph’s Equinox.

Then, Chapter Thirteen. The ever marvellous John deLancie pops up as the lawyer defending the woman who abducted Teddy’s daughter.

John deLancie

A rumour surfaces that Richard Cross is HIV positive, and having treatment. Testimony begins in the trial and Teddy’s wife doesn’t want their daughter to testify in court about her abduction.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 28 May 1996 21.00

After this episode there’s a trailer for Bad Boy Blues. Then a trailer for In The Blood.

Then there’s the start of a documentary about ‘the changing face of the secretary’, I’ll just see if he’s in. There’s about 15 minutes of this before the tape ends.


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