Ed Wood – tape 2351

Here’s a tape with a couple of movies on it. First, there’s Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s biopic Ed Wood, dealing with the supposed ‘worst filmmaker ever’. It’s filmed in Black and White. I can’t wait for Burton’s biopic of Michael Bay, which he will film entirely in Blue and Orange.

I like the slightly adapted Touchstone logo that opens the film.


After this, recording switches to TNT, for Gene Kelly’s Scotch musical Brigadoon. TNT was unusual at this time for often showing films in their proper aspect ratio. Brigadoon was presented in its full Cinemascope glory.


It’s a slight film, and has always puzzled me that its final scene, the resolution of the romance, was played out entirely in a long shot. In fact, the entire movie never goes any closer than a medium shot. Not a single close-up in the whole movie. This might have been one of those ‘rules’ that existed when using processes like Cinemascope – that the audience couldn’t cope with close-ups of faces and they’d be overwhelmed by the size on the big screen.

Following the movie, there’s a brief behind the scenes feature on Geronimo.

Then, there’s a short film. James A Fitzpatrick, “The Voice of the Globe” presents Roaming Through Northern Ireland. Which naturally features a bog farmer, and the Giant’s Causeway.

Giant's Causeway

Then the tape runs out.


  • trail: March on Sky
  • trail: Murder One
  • trail: Die Hard with a Vengeance
  • trail: The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • trail: Crazy from the Heart
  • trail: Battle of the Sexes/What a Carve Up
  • trail: My Favourite Year


  1. It was the early widescreen technology that couldn’t cope with close-ups, much to the chagrin of many a director at the time. Fritz Lang famously complained it was only good for funerals and snakes.

    Ed Wood is Burton’s masterpiece, just a lovely, funny, sad film.

      1. BBC Four showed Brigadoon in 1.85:1 a few years back. Didn’t improve it, I still think it’s one of the worst of the classic musicals!

  2. It’s amazing that the writers of “Ed Wood” also did “Problem Child,” which I sincerely hope isn’t among the tapes here.

    1. What, the genius auteur who is Dennis Dugan? No, that one’s missing from my collection. I did just look at Joseph Ruben’s The Good Son, which is basically the same movie, isn’t it?

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