Bafta Awards 1997 – tape 2389

As regular readers might have noticed, I like awards ceremonies. I’m not sure why, since they’re often risible. Maybe that’s it, and the pull of bad TV is irresistible;

So here’s another Bafta ceremony to enjoy.

Before the show, there’s a trailer for Modern Times.

then the Baftas, this year at the Royal Albert Hall, and hosted by Lenny Henry.

Lenny Henry at the Baftas

First presenter Richard Wilson does some cheeky campaigning.

Richard Wilson

Hillsborough wins for Best Single Drama, and Nicola Shindler of Red Productions accepts the award. There’s no truth in the rumour that she produced the drama in the spare time between Double Maths and her paper round.

Nicola Shindler

Gina McKee wins Best Actress for Our Friends in the North.

Gina McKee

Lenny Henry: “More information on tonight’s awards can be found on the World Wide Web. If you’re not yet connected to the Internet, take your phone, dial a wrong number, and ask whoever answers if they like Star Trek. It’s the same thing.”

Rather sadly, for a Doctor Who fan like me, the In Memoriam segment leads off with Jon Pertwee and Terry Nation.

Best Director was awarded to Joel Coen for Fargo. It’s quite odd to see just one of them nominated, as these were the dark days when they had to pretend that only one of them directed the films.

The Fellowship was awarded to Woody Allen, who’s such a monster he couldn’t even turn up to accept it. I wonder if they’d give it to him today?

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 29 April 1997 22.00

Following the Baftas, recording continues with a trailer for Falling Down.

Then, the recording continues on with Midnight Cowboy. There’s 90 minutes of this before the tape stops.



  1. “The Fellowship was awarded to Woody Allen, who’s such a monster he couldn’t even turn up to accept it. I wonder if they’d give it to him today?”

    In fairness, if he couldn’t be bothered to go to the Oscars when “Annie Hall” was the big winner why would he attend its non-Union Mexican equivalent?

    1. Of course, he did once attend the Oscars – might have been the first time they put it on on Sunday night, so it didn’t clash with his clarinet gig at Michael’s Pub.

  2. These BAFTAs were notoriously a bit of a disaster, and Lenny Henry’s performance as host was mentioned in the papers for the next few days because in the room he totally died on his arse. It was the last year they did the film and TV awards together, presumably they decided it was all getting a bit too bloated – and hence why the Beeb shoved these out at ten o’clock on a weeknight.

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