Crime Traveller – tape 2416

This tape opens with the National Lottery Live – a bigger chunk than normal, so perhaps the programmes are running late, as we get to enjoy Mystic Meg and her ludicrous announcements.

The big guest is Pierce Brosnan, who’s promoting Dante’s Peak.

Pierce Brosnan releases the balls

There’s a trailer for a James Bolam comedy drama The Missing Postman. And Angus Deayton in a trailer for Before they were Famous. Which is a bit like this blog in many ways.

And now we come to another episode of Anthony Horowitz’s much loved Saturday evening drama Crime Traveller.

Sins of the Father features a diamond heist, the main suspect of which is played by Stephen Greif, Space Commander Travis himself. And the man leading the investigation has a history with Jeff’s father.

Stephen Greif

Coming home that night, Slade is attacked in his flat and injected with magic knockout juice.

Although they are locked in Sue Johnstone’s safe, in the morning the diamonds are gone, and visiting detective Oldroyd knows exactly where to look – Slade’s flat. Three of the diamonds are found there, frozen in ice in the fridge.

I think you can work out what’s going on here. Especially when, during his interrogation, Sue Johnstone asks ‘Do you know the combination to my safe? 36, 17,25? You see, nobody knows those numbers.’ Yes, until now.

In this episode, we learn that Jeff’s father is in prison for corruption, and by the end of the episode, he’s been freed and exonerated. Justice works fast in the Crime Traveller universe.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 29 March 1997 20.05

After this episode, there’s a trailer for Dame Edna’s Work Experience, and one for The Ice House.

Then we have the first episode in a two part comedy drama The Missing Postman. It’s certainly got an all star cast – James Bolam, Jim Carter, Stephen Moore, Alison Steadman.

James Bolam is a postman who is offered early retirement. As he surveys the lives of other people he knows who have retired, it doesn’t appeal. So on his last day, rather than returning the mail he’s picked up to the sorting office, he goes to deliver it himself, and becomes something of a folk hero in the process.

Rebecca Front turns up as a Daily Mail reporter.

Rebecca Front in The Missing Postman


BBC Genome: BBC One London, 29 March 1997 21.00

After this, recording switches to the end of Birds of a Feather. Then a trail for programmes for Easter Monday.

There’s a trailer for Army of Innocents, with contributions from John Peel, Willie Rushton, Michael Aspel.

Then we have the second part of The Missing Postman. The credits for the second episode promise Barbara Dickson and Larry Lamb.

Clive the Postman’s wife seems to be having something of a breakdown, remodelling the house with a disturbing fervour.

House remodelling


Clive has a dalliance with the aforementioned Barbara Disckson, as a widow running a B&B in Scotland, where he shelters during a storm. Meanwhile, Clive’s wife is becoming friendly with Stephen Moore and his fringy jacket.

Stephen Moore and Alison Steadman

BBC Television Centre makes a guest appearance towards the end, which always makes me a little wistful and nostalgic.

BBC TV Centre

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 30 March 1997 21.20

After the programme, another trail for Before They Were Famous.

Then a news bulletin. Car bombs in Northern Ireland, and the Hamiltons and their sleaze are the lead stories.

But in the bulletin is the launch of Channel 5.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 30 March 1997 22.40

After the news there’s a trailer for Rough Justice. Then some Weather, and a trailer for The Ice House.

Then the tape plays out with the start of The Jesus ConspiracyBBC One London, 30 March 1997 23.00

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