Diana – Her True Story – tape 2404

Here’s a repeat – we’ve already seen the first episode of Diana – Her True Story on a previous tape.

The first episode here is shorn of all ad breaks, which must mean I was watching it – or at least it was on while I was doing something else.

There’s a tiny bit of a trailer for LA Law after it, before recording switches, and we glimpse Homer Simpson guesting on LA Law (and actually played by Dan Castellaneta in the show).

Homer Simpson in LA Law


Now we come to episode 2. There’s a brief moment of happiness as the two new parents dote briefly over their new baby, but it’s soon back to the bitching and fighting. Diana keeps getting Charles to fire his staff – her memo style is terse and to the point.

He Must Go

Back at Highgrove, as played by Gaddesden Place (my former place of employment).

Highgrove not Highgrove

There’s another ‘eating and puking’ scene. And a bizarre scene where Charles is discussing Diana’s haircut with a friend who worries about her ‘pandrogynous sexuality’.

This really is an appallingly written programme. Every scene is two minutes long, characters say exactly what they’re thinking, people appear and disappear without any introduction – it assumes that everyone watching knows the intimate ins and outs of the story and makes no attempt to explain who anyone is. It would be fine if it’s only about a few characters, and their role in the story is shown by their actions, but in this there’s dozens of characters, most of whom get one or two scenes, so it’s impossible to follow.

But I think the most unforgivable sin this programme commits is that at no time during its three hour running time do they ever get Diana’s hair right. Ever.


After the programme there’s a poe-faced trailer for ‘The Royal Debate’ with Nick Ross. “Will Diana ever be queen?”


  • Kingsmill
  • Veno’s cough syrup
  • Hits 93
  • trail: Sky News
  • trail: March on Sky

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