Seinfeld – tape 2359

It’s a Sky One recording, so why on earth does this tape start during an ad break in an episode of The Nanny? Sky never ran late. Ah – it looks like it’s because they had a strange schedule at this time. After the Nanny ad break, there’s only a couple of minutes of the actual programme before it ends. And the following programme, Seinfeld, starts immediately after, with no ad break in between. So the tape didn’t really start early, they’re just broadcasting strangely.

And boy are they broadcasting strangely. Seinfeld opens with the traditional monologue, but goes straight into another ad break. It looks like Sky were experimenting with a more American rhythm of ad breaks, and it’s really jarring.

The episode is The Pledge Drive. Jerry goes on PBS, George thinks everyone is flipping him the finger, everyoe gets confused by Elaine’s ‘high talking’ friend, and Elaine’s boss starts a trend of eating chocolate bars with knife and fork.

There’s another small bit of The Nanny before the next episode,

Next episode is The Couch, where Kramer goes into business with Poppie in a ‘Make Your Own Pizza’ restaurant, and Elaine sparks a walkout at Poppie’s restaurant when she asks about is opinion on the abortion debate.

Here’s a nice trivia fact: Monk’s restaurant, where the gang usually congregate, is actually Tom’s Restaurant, which was the inspiration for Susanne Vega’s song Tom’s Diner. Here’s a rare establishing shot where you can see the whole name.

Tom's Restaurant

(Well, almost.)

There’s a surprise appearance from a very young Patton Oswalt as a video store clerk.

Patton Oswalt


More Nanny before the next episode. Which is The Gymnast.

Just adverts before the next episode. And they’ve stopped crashing from the opening straight into adverts, so perhaps Sky have stopped their great experiment. I wonder if it turned out they were breaking Ofcom rules about frequency and duration of ad breaks.

In The Soup, Kenny Bania, an annoying comedian, gives Jerry a free Armani suit, and in return asks that Jerry treat him to a meal. When the ‘date’ arrives, Kenny decides he’s not hungry and just orders soup, so he a Jerry argue about whether this discharges the ‘buy a meal’ obligation.

There’s a fragment of The Nanny before the next episode. In The Kiss Hello Jerry balks at having his picture up in the lobby of his building, and becomes a pariah.

Another slice of The Nanny before the next episode. George is dating a model who eats a lot, but he’s convinced she’s ‘refunding.’ Meanwhile, Jerry is dating a woman who never laughs. The episode is called The Switch.

Next (apres Nanny) is The Label Maker. Jerry gives dentist Tim Watley (Bryan Cranston) superbowl tickets, and he thanks him by giving him a label maker – which Elaine had given Tim for Christmas – he’s a regifter.

Bryan Cranston in Seinfeld


After this episode, recording continues, with an episode of Mad About You. The tape runs out before the episode ends.


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  • Doublemint
  • Barclaycard
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  • trail: Walker’s World
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  1. I remember the brief experiment with American ad break structure you describe here. I recall Sky 1 were branding Thursday night comedies as Must See TV (a shameless rip-off of NBC’s branding), consisting of a terrible hidden camera show called Just Kidding, The Nanny, Seinfeld and Mad About You.

    It got very frustrating when you had to sit through an ad break just to watch Jerry’s closing monologue, which was what, about a minute long?

    Somewhere I’ve got a tape with the episode The Chaperone on it, I have a feeling this is around January 1997.

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