Babylon 5 – tape 2284

Here’s a tape which doesn’t quite work properly. When Babylon 5 was running, the US was ahead of the UK for a lot of the year, but due to a quirk of scheduling, during a couple of series, the last few episodes aired in the UK ahead of their US broadcast. This led me and my friend Andy, who had moved to the US a few years previously, to run a tape swapping service where he would supply tapes of the US broadcast episodes, and in return I’d record the last few episodes and send them over to him.

It was quite important for Babylon 5, because that show pioneered the ‘arc’ concept, where the show was telling a larger ongoing story during its weekly episodes. And as a result, the last few episodes in a series tended to hold most of the surprises.

Sadly for this blog, either my VHS player or the capture card I have doesn’t like the transcoded NTSC output, and the resulting video has very dodgy colour.

It looks like the colour is flipping between every couple of frames. There will be a couple of frames with fairly normal looking colours, then a couple of frames where everything is green. Watching at full speed makes the whole thing look like it’s a bit too green.

Green caste

The episodes on this tape are The Summoning and Falling Towards Apotheosis. I’m afraid I can’t bear to watch it in this state. I need to get the DVDs.


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