Testament – tape 605

Another episode of John Romer’s dcumentary about the historical and archaeological basis of the Bible, Testament.

Mightier than the Sword is the first episode here, followed by Gospel Truth? and Thine is the Kingdom.

Following the last episode, recording switches to the middle of an episode of The Media Show with Muriel Gray, looking at Willow, and George Lucas’ use of the monomyth in his films. It includes an interview with Lucas himself, albeit brief.

George Lucas on The Media Show


After this report, recording switches to another Media Show report on Horror movies, looking at their appeal, and those who watch them. Includes contributions from Wes Craven.

Wes Craven


David Cronenberg also discusses the effects of horror.

David Cronenberg on The Media Show

And on the sofa, a triumvirate of horror experts, Stefan Jaworzyn, Anne Billson and Kim Newman.

Kim Newman and Friends


They talk about how watching a lot of horror makes you aware of the cliches of the genre, so that the total effect is lessened, whilst campaigners tend to watch only one film, are shocked and horrified, and imagine that the effect is cumulative.

There’s also the first part of a look at Nightmare on Elm Street merchandise. Muriel seems particularly disgusted with the ‘play-safe freddy glove’.

Muriel Gray is horrified



  • L’Oreal Recital
  • National & Provincial
  • Alpen Cruesli
  • British Telecom
  • FT Cityline
  • Cadbury’s Milk Tray
  • Bordeaux

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