Shoah part 2 – tape 1903

On this tape is the second part of Claude Lanzmann’s remarkable film Shoah, a documentary about the holocaust which uses no archive film at all.

The testimony of survivors of the holocaust, and of its perpetrators, plays out over footage of the places it happened, filmed in the present day.

The film is over 9 hours long. This is the middle part of it – I had to split it across multiple tapes, for obvious reasons. It was broadcast in two parts, so this tape actually has the end of the first part, followed by the beginning of the second part.

First Era: BBC Two England, 7 January 1995 21.00

Second Era: BBC Two England, 8 January 1995 21.00



One comment

  1. In both tapes of Shoah, was there a special BBC2 ident before both of its parts started as part of the ‘Remember’ season marking the 50th anniversary of the Holocaust memorial?

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