Chicago Hope – Lenny Henry – Match of the Day – Darkman – tape 1897

Well this is disappointing.

This tape was originally labelled as ‘Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 1994’. But either that labelling was erroneous or I later taped over it.

The tape opens with an episode of Chicago Hope. According to my database, I recorded a lot of Chicago Hope but I don’t actually remember watching any of it. I mean, a hospital drama with Mandy Patinkin and Adam Arkin plays right into my sweet spot, but I think it was one of those programmes that I never started catching up with, and time marches on.

This is a particularly dramatic episode, opening with a young gang member coming in to the ER and opening fire with an automatic weapon, hitting several patients and staff.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 6 May 1995 21.15

Next, there’s a trailer for Due South – it looks like an introductory trailer to the feature-length first episode, which matches the date of this broadcast.

Then, a trailer for Uncle Buck.

Then, a rather odd break in recording, especially when the next programme is The Lenny Henry Show, showing immediately after Chicago Hope. Featuring guest appearances from Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

Rebecca Front

Rebecca Front

and a final music performance from Lenny and Chaka Khan.

Chaka Khan


BBC Genome: BBC One London, 6 May 1995 22.00

After this programme, there’s a trailer for Paul Merton’s Life of Comedy.

There’s also a trailer for John Singleton’s Boyz’n the Hood.

Next, a full episode of Match of the Day. By accident, I admit. “Highlights of two key FA Premiership matches on the penultimate day of the season. The focus is on the relegation battle, with Crystal Palace v West Ham among the day’s crucial games.” according to the Radio Times. 6 May 1995 22.40

Following MOTD there’s a trailer for ‘June Sporting Action’.

Then, recording just continues. This is a tape of an entire Saturday Night, which is nice.

The final programme that night is a movie, Sam Raimi’s first superhero movie, Darkman starring Liam Neeson as the man hideously disfigured in a chemical accident which also endows him with imperviousness to pain, while his invention of synthetic skin makes him a master of disguise. Larry Drake, Benny off of LA Law, plays the villain Durant with glee.

Also, a Danny Elfman score so typical you can recognise it within a couple of notes.

And a setpiece triggered by this bird.



BBC Genome: 6 May 1995 23.40

There is a trailer for programmes on the eve of VE Day – the 50th anniversary.

Then BBC1 closes down for the night.

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