Cheers – tape 519

Before the first episode, a short trailer for the Film Four Extra presentation Runners.

Then, an episode of Cheers. In Let Sleeping Drakes Lie Frasier tells Sam about a patient of his who is attracted to dancers, so Sam straps on the old jazz shoes. Ted Danson is, of course, a pretty good dancer, so much fun is had.

Sam the Dancer

Before the second episode there’s a trailer for A Very British Coup. Then the episode is Airport V. Carla is afraid of flying, so can’t visit Eddie on tour with the ice show. So Frasier takes her along with a lot of his patients who share her phobia.

Crane on a Plane

This episode was directed by Norm himself – George Wendt.

Before the next episode, another trailer for A Very British Coup.

In The Sam in the Gray Flannel Suit Sam is promoted to an executive position in the company so he can play in the company softball team.

Paging Mr Malone

Our Hourly Bread is the next episode, where a raffle for a cruise goes horribly wrong.

66 or 99


There’s a trailer for The Last Resort before the next episode.

The next episode is Slumber Party Massacred. Sam visits Carla’s home for a meal. It is not without incident.

Chez Tortelli-Lebeq

Before the next episode there’s a trailer for Coppolla’s The Conversation, the prequel to Enemy of the State.

The last episode on this tape is Bar Wars, another in the occasional episodes where Cheers pits its ingenuity against their bitter rivals at Gary’s Olde Town Tavern.

Waaade Boooooggs

After this episode, there’s a trailer for Brookside. There’s also a trailer for The Late Shift, presenting the Columbian Volcano Appeal Concert.

Then, for the last ten minutes of the tape, the start of an episode of The Last Resort. The first guest is boxer Nigel Benn.

Nigel Benn

The recording stops just as this interview finishes.


  • Mercury Communications
  • Motown Dance Party
  • Tissot
  • Anchor Spray Cream
  • Sybaris
  • Nat West
  • The Hits of House
  • Coke
  • London Underground
  • George Michael – Faith
  • Holsten Pils – Griff Rhys Jones – Some Like it Hot
  • Coke – First Love
  • BMW
  • Pimms
  • Heinz Beans with things n them
  • Our Price – The Style Council – Confessions of a Pop Group – featuring Hugh Laurie
  • Honeywell Bull
  • Dry Blackthorn
  • Wall’s Magnifico
  • Brook Street
  • Tuborg
  • Reed Employment
  • Heineken – Suzie Blake
  • Disprol
  • Pimm’s
  • Renault 25
  • Amplex – The Avengers
  • Buf Puf
  • Budweiser
  • Vauxhall Nova
  • Pimm’s
  • Our Price – Billy Idol – Best of
  • Budweiser
  • Goodyear Vector
  • Amplex – The Avengers
  • Reed Employment
  • Coke – First Time
  • Gillette Contour Plus
  • Billy Idol
  • New Woman magazine

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