Day: September 9, 2014

The Last Resort – Whose Line is it Anyway – tape 612

This tape opens with The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross. First guest is Jools Holland, who plays (inevitably) some boogie woogie with the house band, Steve Nieve and the Playboys.

Jools Holland and Steve Nieve

There’s a nasty crease in the tape, leading to a horizontal glitch through most of the programme. Jools is there to shill The Groovy Fellers, his series with Raw Sex percussionist Rowland Rivron, who was almost as ubiquitous on TV as Jools, but I always thought was never really as funny as he thought he was.

There’s music from The Gipsy Kings. Then an interview with the Frank Chickens – another act I never really warmed to.

The Frank Chickens

It’s a good interview, though. Ross can be a sensitive and thoughtful interviewer, and he makes an effort to put them at their ease – they even make fun of his accent. They also have to explain what Karaoke is, because their new programme is a karaoke chat show, and this is something new to the UK.

After the break, there’s a speciality act, with the two oldest acrobats in the UK, Renaldi and Karina.

Renaldi and Karina

They were actually pretty impressive, throwing each other around, doing handstands, everything.

The final guest is George Melly.

George Melly

After this episode, we switch to an episode of Whose Line is it Anyway featuring Stephen Fry, Josie Lawrence, Enn Reitel and John Sessions.

Whose Line lineup

Next, back to The Last Resort, with a special episode coming live from the London Palladium.

Live from the London Palladium

Jonathan Ross says they originally booked the theatre when they thought Joan Collins was a guest, but she pulled out.

Lily Savage isn’t a bad replacement, I suppose.

Lily Savage

Next is the musical guest, Huey Lewis.

Huey Lewis

There’s a comedy bit with old Palladium posters where the art department manage to misspell ‘Extraordinaire’.

Magical Mickey

Rowland Rivron turns up as Doctor Martin Scrote playing a pantomime dame.

Dr Martin Scrote

The next guest is a very confused seeming Harry Dean Stanton, who walks out and embraces the announcer John Benson, mistaking him for Jonathan Ross. To be generous, the entrance part of the stage was revolving for no good purpose, but Stanton did seem just a little spaced out. He’s joined by Eurythmic Dave Stewart, with whom he has been collaborating on music.

Then, there’s an interlude backstage with Kathy Burke playing her semi-regular character Tina Bishop, who had come down specially to meet Joan Collins.

Kathy Burke

And the final guest is Robbie Coltrane.

Robbie Coltrane

The show finishes with music from Harry Dean Stanton and Dave Stewart.

More Whose Line next, with a clip show of material that hadn’t been used for previous programmes.

Then, more Last Resort, with the first guest William G Stewart, TV supremo and host of Fifteen to One.

William G Stewart

Next, Postman Pat himself turns up to deliver some mail.

Postman Pat

After a brief comedy piece with John Benson featuring hard boiled eggs and a blowtorch, the next guest is Angel (sp?) who is a Tarot reader, but an entertaining interview.


Musical guest is Jill Jones.

Jill Jones


And the final guest on this programme is Richard Herring’s nemesis, the actor Keith Allen. He looks so happy to be on the show.

The Actor Keith Allen

Most of his anecdotes seem to revolve around him disrupting the acts of other people – he once walked on stage naked while Max Bygraves was doing his act.

The show runs out of time during this interview, which seemed like a relief, since he didn’t appear to want to be there, but Jonathan invited him back for the next show (not on this tape).

The show is followed by a trailer for The Phantom of the Paradise. Then, the recording stops.