Red Dwarf I – tape 470

A little piece of history with the very first series of Red Dwarf. I assume this is the first showing, as the continuity announcer says “a new comedy series taking us into outer space with Red Dwarf”.

Before the first episode, The End, there’s a snatch of the end of an episode of Horizon on air traffic control problems called Struggling for Control.

Before the next episode, Future Echoes, the credits from Horizon: Thinking. A trailer for Split Screen on whether prostitution should be legalised.

Before episode three, Balance of Power, there’s more horizon credits, trail for Architecture at the Crossroads.

Nothing before Waiting for God and Confidence and Paranoia, which is the last episode on this tape. The final episode in the series is presumably on another tape. The recording cuts off fairly sharply at the end of the show, so I was paying close attention in those days.

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