The Man with X Ray Eyes – tape 711

Alex Cox introduces Roger Corman’s classic SF shocker The Man with X Ray Eyes as part of BBC2’s Moviedrome series (see the previous entry on Night of the Comet.

“Full of good ideas and cheesy special effects”

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 7 May 1989 22.45

The movie is followed by an episode of Wax on Wheels which inexplicably comes from a strip club. “I think this show is run by the toss a dart in a map school of television”

A sensitive and intelligent interview with Mia, one of the strippers, is then juxtaposed with Ruby talking to customers at the bar, a barely articulate mob.

It’s a very odd show altogether.

Following, there’s a trail for Kazuko’s Karaoke Klub, featuring performances from Cheers’ George Wendt, Spike Milligan and Jimmy Savile. So I guess a repeat isn’t on the cards. The tape ends there.


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