Campion – Soap – tape 661

There’s a snatch of Mastermind at the start of this tape, then a trail for a new series of That’s Life before we get to the first episode of Campion, adapted from Marjory Allingham’s novels by the great Alan Plater.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 22nd January 1989 – 20:35

After the first episode, there’s a trail for Bergerac, then a short segment from the new series of That’s Life, including a piece on the voice coach who changed Margaret Thatcher’s speaking voice.

Then the recording switches to the end of The South Bank Show, then there’s an episode of the brilliant Susan Harris sitcom Soap. This was a fairly early episode, since Danny is still trying to kill Burt.

The next episode of Campion follows, once again followed by a portion of That’s Life.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 29th January 1989 – 20:35

The recording stops, but reveals a previous recording underneath, with a bit of ITN news, with a report on the banning of cricketers who’ve played in South Africa. Norris McWhirter’s ‘Freedom Association’ want to stop this in a civil action. There’s almost an interview with McWhirter – the interviewer asks a question, but before he can answer, it cuts back to the newsreader, who looks a little surprised but signs off quickly – I suspect someone mistimed some reports there.

Then we find ourselves with Tony Wilson (of Factory Records fame) presenting The Other Side of Midnight, which starts with a look at the best of British architects, including a dry-ice laden presentation of a bench and a chair by James Stirling, accompanied by music by Michael Nyman.

An interview with Bill Drummond of The KLF starts with a snippet of Doctorin’ The Tardis, and covers his book The Manual – How to Have a Number One the Easy Way.

Part Two has a look at gloves. Yes. Then Tony takes Pat Kane on a guided tour of Manchester. (Kane, on the Hacienda: “Postmodern gin palace in Manchester. Take me away.”)

"I always bring people up past here, Pat just because I lie this Daily Express building"

“I always bring people up past here, Pat, just because I like this Daily Express building”

Sadly, the tape runs out before this piece finishes.

Ads on this tape include:

  • Pirelli – gripping stuff
  • Evening Standard
  • P&O Ferries
  • Lyons Original Coffee
  • Polo
  • Crime – together we’ll crack it
  • Crimestoppers – a frankly terrifying litany of all the different terrible crimes you could stop by phoning Crimestoppers.
  • Halifax
  • Carlsberg
  • Cadbury’s
  • American Express
  • Veno’s
  • Walker’s Crisps

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